The green stripe

Conservation[ edit ] Water contamination, urban expansion, and residential and industrial development are all threats to the common garter snake. The San Francisco garter snake T. Fish and Wildlife Service since Anti-predatory displays[ edit ] Garter snakes exhibit many different anti-predatory behaviors, or behaviors that ward off predators.

The green stripe

One of several Expressionist movements to emerge in the early 20th century, Fauvism was short lived, and byartists in the group had diverged toward more individual interests.

The Fauves, however, lacked such scientific intent.

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Instead of the subtle blending of complimentary colors typical of Neo-Impressionism Seurat, for example, the combination of firey oranges, yellows, greens and purple is almost overpowering in its vibrant impact. Bright colors and undulating lines pull our eye gently through the ideallic scene, encouraging us to imagine feeling the warmth of the sun, the cool of the grass, the soft touch of a caress, and the passion of a kiss.

Like many modern artists, the Fauves also found inspiration in objects from Africa and other non-western cultures.

Seen through a colonialist lens, the formal distinctions of African art reflected current notions of Primitivism—the belief that, lacking the corrupting influence of European civilization, non-western peoples were more in tune with the primal elements of nature.

The green stripe

This distorted effect, further heightened by her contorted pose, clearly distinguishes the figure from the idealized odalisques of Ingres and painters of the past.The striped oxford cloth was always a “candy” stripe: wider than a pencil stripe, not as wide as a Bengal stripe.

They were all handsome and any of them would have suited my small but versatile wardrobe. The green – not a bright Kelly or grass green, more of a slightly faded fir green — was a bit more unusual.

In the Netherlands, there are roads with a green stripe in the middle.

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Oct 12,  · The red/crimson stripe (and wool sash) signaled the wearer was a non-commissioned officer, not a member of the artillery branch.

A three-quarter inch wide crimson stripe would also designate a non-commissioned officer, but represented a corporal.

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