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Silicone prothesis

Message please specify details of the amputation including location, length, cause, date of amputation, etc.

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The loss of a finger produces significant functional deficiencies. In addition to immediate loss of grasp strength and security, finger absence also may cause marked psychological trauma. Although the intensity of this trauma varies among individuals, the psychological impact is not related to the magnitude of amputation.

If the client has movement in the remaining portion of the finger, the silicone prostheses can restore some lost function of the finger. The silicone prostheses also protects the sensitive tip of the finger from further trauma.

Individual fingers normally have a feathered edge to blend seamlessly with the hand. These are normally attached through a suction fit. Partial Hand Prostheses High Definition Silicone Partial Hand Prostheses Partial hand replacement can provide clients with passive function such as counter pressure when grasping objects.

To provide this functionality, a customised socket fabrication that ensures the optimal fit of the silicone socket is essential. Custom high-definition silicone prostheses are also suitable for partial hand restorations. Individual and multiple finger restorations are produced with amazing results.

Partial hands can be fitted to the residual limb in different ways depending on the amputation level. Upper Limb Prostheses High Definition Silicone Upper Limb Prostheses The most advanced, custom made high-definition silicone cosmetic covers can be manufactured for most upper limb amputees.

An impression is taken of the sound-side limb and is used as an anatomical model to craft a matching cover. These images are re-calibrated by the silicone facility using a graphics colour-matching system. Artists and technicians then use this information to produce a realistic cosmetic cover to place over the prosthesis.

Lower Limb Prostheses High Definition Silicone Lower Limb Prostheses Over recent times, cosmetic restoration after the loss of a limb has become increasingly important to amputees.

The introduction of silicone materials allows both functional and cosmetic restoration at the highest level. Most prosthetic components can be used with a silicone cover without affecting its functionality.

No other material can restore a natural look as closely as silicone. Partial Foot Prostheses High Definition Silicone Partial Foot Prostheses Silicone partial foot prostheses offer a range of advantages when compared to traditional partial foot prostheses.

The benefits include enhanced comfort as well as biomechanical and cosmetic advantages.Unique 3D-printed silicone prosthetics for breast cancer patient developed by Sapir and Elad Mashiach.

The Custom silicone finger or partial hand prosthesis is a natural looking, low profile prosthetic option. Details such as freckles and hair can be added to make your prosthetic as realistic as possible. The Custom silicone finger or partial hand prosthesis is a natural looking, low profile prosthetic option.

Details such as freckles and hair can be added to make your prosthetic as realistic as possible.

Silicone prothesis

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