Organized religion

Are parts of organized religion Satanic? Just look at the Christian crucifix sacrifice and Eucharist flesh-eatingas well as the Jewish circumcision blood-drinking rituals. Why are certain aspects of organized religion Satanic?

Organized religion

They left the fellowship of believers that were holding to the apostles doctrine. Today many other aberrations just as false have arisen, and given birth to offshoots in the Church.

Sociologist, John Lofland, comments that '"cults are 'little groups' which break off from the conventional consensus and espouse very different views of the real, the possible, and the moral. Throughout the old and New Testament we are warned of false teaching Organized religion teachers.

Here are only a few references. False teachers in Isa. Jesus warned of false prophets and teachers in Mt. By Peter in 1 Pt. By John 1 Jn. Just about every book of the Bible mentions a warning of error and falsehood. There are two ways a cult operates in falsehood.

From belief and practice. Some are theologically dangerous others are sociologically dangerous.

Organized religion

They will all have control or manipulation over people in some fashion. They will hold the person to this particular group or church often with fear convincing them that there is no where else to go, no Organized religion else has the truth like they do.

When the term cult is used by the secular world they mean any religious group viewed as strange or what may be considered dangerous. Christians point to major errors in core doctrines for justification in using the word cult.

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Cults contain deviations from the doctrines of historic orthodox Christianity. When we hear the word cult we envision people held against their will confined away from society, working with little or no pay, or abused.

They are unable to think for themselves having been changed into religious robotic zealots. While these descriptions are possible and have occurred in extreme circumstances they are often unlikely.

Someone once said a cult is everyone who disagrees with your belief. This is essentially what the leaders of the these groups will state. If someone does not agree with their particular interpretation of the Bible or of God they are against God.

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This is their exclusivism at work. The word 'Cult' does have a stigma attached to it and has been thrown around too easily and can be a mislabeling if not understood or explained. We need to understand that a cult or a aberrational group can be identified into two categories. By theology and or sociological behavior.

The Christian cult claims to have the truth of Christ and salvation but they deny one or more of the core doctrines of the Christian faith. To simplify an identification of a Christian cult it would be noticeable in several categories.

Who is Jesus, the way of salvation, what is your final source of authority and how they relate to others. They want to call themselves Christian without adhering to the tenets of the historic "doctrinal " faith. They change the major core teachings to mean something other than they are defined in the Bible and by the history of the church.

The cults do not agree with the historic Biblical Christian faith. The Bible does not use the word "cult. It does not take these teachers lightly and it does not excuse those who teach them.Organized Religion Satanic Element #2 – Christianity: The Eucharist (Flesh Eating, Blood Drinking) A second organized religion Satanic element is the Eucharist, one of the 7 sacraments of Christianity.

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Organized religion

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an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods: an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group RELIGION Defined for Kids. In general, Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Christians choose an individual to trust as his or her spiritual guide.

In most cases this is the parish priest, but may be a starets (Elder, a monastic who is well known for his or her advancement in the spiritual life).This person is often referred to as one's "spiritual father". Mar 30,  · Organized religion has not been spared.

Travel a few minutes from downtown Houston on the endless lanes of the Southwest Freeway and you’ll . Roman worship was divided into the public and the private. Families would honor their household spirits while Rome had colleges of official priests to ensure that its actions met with divine approval.

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