Letter writing app for ipad

LinkedIn0 One of my friends has just become a head teacher for the first time and she asked me if there were any decent handwriting recognition apps on the iPad which would enable her to turn her handwriting into text to save typing up notes after her meetings.

Letter writing app for ipad

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Add up to 10 users Select from 6 languages Quality The settings section of the app contains many features designed to enhance its quality. Kids can select from two different styles of cursive, opt to practice one letter or multiple letters at a time, and even adjust the settings based on whether they are right handed or left handed.

Education Once kids set up their profile, they can begin practicing their cursive writing. The app offers two different styles of cursive, so parents and teachers should make sure kids practice the style they are expected to know.

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The app gives kids three different ways to practice their cursive — by the top words, individual letters, and free writing. With each option the letter or letters appear on the screen along with a series of arrows.

Kids move the pen based on the direction of the arrows to write in cursive. In general, this is a great concept and one that should benefit kids. However, the arrows are fairly small and occasionally the pen gets in the way.

If the arrows were bigger, the app would be more effective. As it stands, it may be frustrating for kids who are new to cursive writing.

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In addition to the letters being small, the app only lets kids writer shorter words in cursive. In the free writing section, kids can type in their own words to write in cursive, but the word box only allows 9 letters and the letters are squeezed so tightly you cannot see the individual arrows.

Words with letters work best in that section. In addition to teaching kids to write in cursive, the app also includes a phonics option. While the idea is good in theory, the phonics option does not do a great job of sounding out the words, focusing instead on individual letter sounds.

This also seems to be a bit low level for the age of kids who are likely to be interested in writing cursive. Entertainment For kids, the highlight of the app is likely to be the free writing section. They can type in any word or combination of letters although not more than 9 letters at once and it will appear on the screen for them to write in cursive.

To boost the entertainment factor, the app also rewards kids with new sounds and fun sound effects as they successfully write letters and words in cursive. Value This app is priced comparably to similar apps, but aspects of the app, such as the focus on only short words, cause it to lose a bit of value.

What does give it additional value is that it is available in six different languages and the top words change for each language.

Child Friendliness Once kids have created a profile, which simply involves entering a name, they can start interacting with the app.Writing Wizard for Kids is a highly customizable app that helps kids practice tracing letters, numbers, shapes, and words while hearing the letter names and phonetic webkandii.com from uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, or words and customize the handwriting style, choosing from D'Nealian, Handwriting without Tears, Zaner-Bloser, Scandanavia, and UK.

It is not often that you stumble upon an educational app for kids that is built on a foundation of several months of research and validation. “Write to Read” for the iPad is a simple and reportedly very efficient app that helps kids learn to read through writing little stories. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Writing Letters.


Download Writing Letters and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod webkandii.com: PocketPhonics Stories is our new iPad app that does everything that PocketPhonics does, but better, plus it includes 43 storybooks suitable for early readers.

The letter writing game allows the child to practice writing each letter, an arrow guides them with their writing direction.

This is an Award winning app for kids recommended by parents and teachers. What a fantastic job these Letter School developers did! A handwriting lesson the fun way! Top Pick – ★★★★½ – A very well-done letter-writing app with tons of energy and even some phonics and counting mixed in.

Highly recommended. Smart Apps For Kids This is the best app to learn to write that I have encountered so far.

letter writing app for ipad
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