Guitar manufacturing business plan

Opening a Cigar manufacturing Business Cigar manufacturing business plans are also used to attract capital from banks or angel investors. We are Cigar manufacturing business plan professionals! Our team will write the plan differently for presentation to a banker than you would for a venture capitalist, an underwriter, or a private investor. The venture capitalist would want to know what risks are involved, whereas the banker wants more information about how good the security is.

Guitar manufacturing business plan

The earliest guitars were made almost entirely out of wood, with some using animal intestines for strings and frets. Materials have become easier to obtain over the past years.

As a result, guitars are currently made out of materials that better suit their intended use. Frets and strings, for example, are now almost exclusively made out of metal, which is much longer lasting and more ideal than organic material.

Tools and Process[ edit ] The earliest guitars were not designed for mass production. Each guitar produced was a unique instrument artfully crafted by its luthier.

This practice was common until the turn of the 18th century when the powers of the world experienced the Industrial Revolution.

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While early mass production of guitars dramatically increased the number of guitars in circulation, each instrument was still handcrafted by a single or team of luthiers.

For luthiers who still choose to handcraft their instruments, methods have changed very little over the past years. As more advanced tooling options become available, however, less of the work in manufacturing a guitar is necessary to complete by hand. Handcrafting guitars is a time and labor-intensive method of production.

The majority of material comprising a modern guitar is wood. Woods from around the world are also incorporated into modern acoustic and electric guitars.

With modern manufacturing techniques almost any wood can be used if it can be obtained in an acceptable quantity.

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Abundance is not the only characteristic taken into consideration during the selection of a type of wood; woods have unique acoustic properties and produce different sounds and resonances at different frequencies and points.

Wood grain, pattern and defects understand defects as genetic defects of the tree like quilt, flame This happens specially on guitar tops or veneers. Other parts of the modern guitar such as tuners, frets, the bridge, and the pickups are made out of metals and plastics. These materials offer increased performance and strength over wood or other organic material and are easy to obtain and machine.

With modern machining methods luthiers and companies are no longer confined to working with woods. In addition, as tonal woods that offer the best sound quality become increasingly hard to come by, manufacturers are exploring different materials for the neck and body of guitars.

Its combination of high strength and low weight are attractive to guitarists around the world.

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Aircraft grade aluminum is the composition of choice for guitar manufactures such as Normandy Guitars and Xtreme Guitars. Another popular alternative material for the body and neck of a guitar is carbon fiber.

Advances in technology over the past century have allowed guitar manufacturers to use the excellent strength to weight ratio and cost effectiveness of carbon fiber in their guitar designs.

Manufacturers such as Rainsong have built their businesses around carbon fiber bodied guitars. Modern Manufacturing Process[ edit ] While handcrafting guitars is still a popular method of guitar manufacturing for luthiers and large manufacturer custom shops, the major players in the guitar industry are shifting to computer controlled mass production of guitars.

This approach maintains the quality of their instruments while increasing efficiency and productivity.

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A CNC machining center, similar to those used by guitar manufacturers Most manufacturers use some form of geometric modeling and CNC machining software when designing a guitar. This allows for consistency and convenience in the design process, whether the guitar is made out of wood, metal, polymer, or any machinable substance.

For a guitar made out of aluminum, for example, the top, sides, and back of the body are drawn in a modeling program and a 3D model can be created by combining these 2D features. This representation gives the ability to see the final product before any material is cut.

It is also used by Taylor Guitars. This process can eliminate waste as well as decrease machining time and machine down time.

They are utilized by several manufacturers in cut necks, fret boards, and other parts of the guitar quickly and efficiently. The advantage of CNC machining is the accuracy and precision of the cutting.

These machines can make thousands of parts with tolerances of mere ten thousandths of an inch. Martin uses the machines because of the precision and quality of cutting that CNC offers. The Plek machine is a CNC machine currently being implemented by a large number of guitar manufacturing companies.

guitar manufacturing business plan

The machine is a time saving way to level and shape fret boards through a process called fret dressing.The purpose of this home based business plan guide is to help you take stock of your interests, aptitudes and skills and develop a viable home based business plan.

At Plex, we know manufacturing isn’t just part of the business: manufacturing is the business. The Plex ERP software solution is purpose-built to fit your manufacturing business needs, evolving with you while adding value daily. CA (Cash Flow Reporting) Brockman Guitar Company is in the business of manufacturing top-quality, steel-string folk guitars.

In recent years, the company has experienced working capital problems resulting from the procurement of factory equipment, the unanticipated buildup of receivables and inventories, and the payoff of a balloon mortgage on a new manufacturing facility.

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guitar manufacturing business plan