Custom paper bags wholesale

Do you care about your Cosmetic brand? Do you have innovative ideas to make your Cosmetic Paper bag distinct? Everyone wants to get appealing custom paper bag for their Cosmetics. Customized cardboard bag should have an eye-catching design and sturdy material.

Custom paper bags wholesale

Printing Capabilities and Branding Our specialty bags can be printed in up to 4 spot colors, and a list of art guidelines can help you design your next custom bag art quickly and easily. For common items that are frequently branded, we also provide templates for easy layout.

Kraft papers in natural brown and bleached white Grease-resistant kraft papers Foil-laminated kraft And many more Less-common grades are also available by special order. Every foodservice market is a little different — and so are its packaging needs.

For restaurants like quick-service chains, speed and efficiency are key — but not without sacrificing quality. Grease resistant papers for bags, waxed papers for basket liners, and foil-laminated papers that hold in heat and moisture — these are some of the most common materials that help our products perform.

They resist staining, and help keep products properly portioned. Convenience stores have different needs, where products might need a longer holding time in warming units, or are wrapped fresh in the morning and held for sale a bit later in the day. Insulated materials and double-walled structures, poly-laminated papers, and heavier paper grades can help keep foods stay fresher, longer.

It provides visual appeal and helps consumers feel comfortable reaching out and grabbing that cookie at point of sale or loaf of bread from the basket at the checkout. Fischer manufactures specialty bags with poly window panels to showcase the food contents inside. The most common poly materials we currently use are PET polyethylenewhich is heat-resistant, and PLA polylactic acidwhich is a plant-derived product, and is biodegradable and compostable.

Customization does not end with deciding what kind of bag or wrap you need. At Fischer, the devil is in the details of how you get the product as well. For our convenience stores or quick-service restaurants in tight spaces like food courts or food trucks, space is at a premium.

We can provide smaller case packs with custom counts that fit better on the shelf or under the counter. For food manufacturers who co-pack branded packaging with their food products, poly-wrapped bundles of small counts of bags fit the bill.

The packaging count matches the food count in the case, and the poly wrapper provides a barrier in frozen or refrigerated environments. Custom Order Requirements The minimum order size for specialty bags is 25M. For specialty materials, products with value-added pack outs, and other products requiring specialized services, minimums will vary and will be quoted upon request.

Drop shipments of partial orders are available upon request as a service to our distributors, with freight charges prepaid and added to the invoice.

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Whether a new design, a custom size or a new material, Fischer can help you move from stock to specialPersonalized printed bags are an excellent way to make your carriers extra special.

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custom paper bags wholesale

Handmade paper wedding invitations, made with flower petals and plantable seed paper of % recycled tree free fibers paired with our own hand dyed silk ribbon.

Made in the USA and DIY invitations.

custom paper bags wholesale

Henghou - China paper bags manufacturers and suppliers, providing bulk products for sale. Welcome to wholesale high quality custom made paper bags from our factory.

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